Founder of Brand MUDr. Alena Pallová

The foundations of success

„Never give up, just go for more.“
There’s no secret behind our success, therefore, I will gladly share our story and my way to my own cosmetics brand with you.

My first project – the Institute of Aesthetic Medicine – is a great example of what one can achieve when ambition and expertise meet.

It was here that I still more often met clients who sought cosmetics that would be hypoallergenic and natural while benefiting from state-of-the-art industry expertise and innovation. The problem was that no such cosmetics were available on the market at that time at all.

I contacted experts in various fields to join forces and set up a fresh new brand of cosmetic products into which we channel all of our experience, expertise and know-how. That’s how the story of the àla Palla brand started to unfold.

The result are exceptional skincare products that I always personally design and am the first to test on my own skin. Because I want to have the full control of the entire manufacturing process, I and my team have gradually built our own laboratory where the products are developed.

So, if you are wondering about the true secret of our success, it is our determination and commitment. Our “Never give up, just go for more“ motto is not just plain words to us.

MUDr. Alena Pallová
brand founder